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    • What's New at Philly CLUW

      April 1, 2019

      The Philadelphia Coalition of Labor Union Women, standing in solidarity with all survivors of sexual harassment and sexual violence, demands accountability for perpetrators of such acts. Therefore, we reject the Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO's decision to endorse Jewell Williams for Sheriff in the upcoming primary election. As a State Representative and now as Sheriff, Williams has been accused of sexual harassment by at least three current and former employees. One of the investigations was substantiated in an independent investigation; two resulted in monetary settlements to the victims.

      As an organization of and for working people, the Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO should be on the side of the working women that Williams harassed on the job. Instead, this endorsement sends a message that their workplace abuse does not matter. The decision to endorse Williams was made in accordance with the AFL-CIO's democratic process. As a constituency group within the AFL-CIO, Philly CLUW does not endorse candidates; however, we believe that this move reflects poorly on the local labor movement. In an effort to prevent another endorsement of this nature Philly CLUW will commit to attending and speaking out at future endorsement meetings, as a non-voting partner. We hope that the Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO will also reflect on the endorsement process with the goal of facilitating more informed discussions and critical analysis about candidates.  Philly CLUW is happy to offer our support to this end.   

      Accountability for public officials reaches much farther than Jewell Williams. State Senator Daylin Leach continues to hold office despite multiple allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault, while other elected officials have had settlement payments made on their behalf out of public funds. This devaluing of women and other victims of sexual abuse must stop. While the accused have a right to due process, Philly CLUW believes that public officials who are credibly accused of sexual harassment and/or sexual assault should step down from office while proper investigations take place. They are elected to serve all of their constituents, and these allegations hinder that mandate. But beyond expecting sexual abusers to police themselves and step down from office, we must speak up and hold them accountable. The Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO has failed in that respect with the endorsement of Jewell Williams. Philly CLUW is proud to be a constituency group of the Council and values the work of the Council on behalf of working people, but we cannot support this endorsement or the message that it sends about the acceptance of unacceptable and abusive behavior. 

      Welcome all to Philadelphia Chapter Coalition of Labor Union Women (Philly CLUW)’s new website, if you are a member of Philly CLUW click on the Lock and Register for a Password and Login. There is a lot more information for members of Philly CLUW inside the website. Please Register Today!!

      Learn more about CLUW and Philly CLUW at About Us. If you live or work in Bucks County or the State of Delaware, there are new chapters you can join. Delaware County, PA is the next chapter we are forming this fall. More information is available about these chapters on the Other Counties page. If you are a young woman or young at heart, check out Philly CLUW’s Young Women’s Committee. If you’re in the mood to help protect exploited women, check out What’s New at Philly CLUW and in the Archives add your name or group to our Sign On Letter Opposing PA HB 262. For more information on Philly CLUW’s leaders, go to Member Resources – Officers & Executive Board. Current Philly CLUW Members, please Register with our Website. There is more information about all of our campaigns and the issues important to Philly CLUW, along with photos; which is only accessible as a member of the chapter and the website. Contact  Us, Philly CLUW's address has changed to Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO, Attn: Philly CLUW 22 S. 22nd St., 2nd Floor, Philadelphia, PA  19103.

      Thank you for visiting Philly CLUW’s Website, we hope you will join us to improve quality of life for all by raising wages for the good of families and the nation; protect women’s rights, union rights, workers’ rights, human rights and mother earth’s rights throughout the country and the world.

      Download: 2016 Phillly CLUW Membership Application - Multiple Counties.pdf
      The Philadelphia Chapter of the Coalition of Labor Union Women Invites you to join us for… PHILLY CLUW’s 2018 ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS RECEPTION Tuesday, June 5, 2018, 5:30 p.m.: OUR 2018 HONOREES *Union Empowerment Award: Joanne Gainey, President, Local 170; Chairperson, Board of Directors, Workers United; CLUW Board member *Rising Star Award: Koren Parker, AFSCME Council 88; PA CLUW VP; CLUW Board member *Lois Miller Appreciation Award: Jane Von Bergen, former labor reporter, Philadelphia Inquirer *Community Engagement Awards: Blondell Reynolds Brown, Member, Philadelphia City Council Sheila Rani Maddali, Director of Law & Organizing, Restaurant Opportunities Center *Union Woman of the Year: Yvonne Harris, President, AFSCME Local 590; CLUW Board member
      You’re Invited to… THE PHILADELPHIA COALITION OF LABOR UNION WOMEN ANNUAL BENEFIT FOR WOMEN AGAINST ABUSE Monday, April 2, 2018 - 5:30 p.m. - Workers United Joint Board Room 22 S. 22nd Street, 2nd Floor Philadelphia PA 19103
      Congrats to the Philadelphia Chapter of the Coalition of Labor Union Women Annual Awards Reception 2017 Honorees: Cathy Brady, Former VP of Long Term Care SEIU Healthcare PA; Delaware-Chester County CLUW Chapter; Ethelind Baylor, Executive VP of AFSCME DC47; Heather Boyd, President of Delco NOW; Gwen Snyder, Executive Director of Philadelphia Jobs with Justice; Ericka Almiron Niz, Executive Director of Juntos.

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